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In the Parakeet Aviary, guests can have a chat with some of Australia’s most adorable parrots! Discover the world of aviation from a parrot’s perspective, with over 150 parakeets to soar around as you and your family interact and feed these outgoing little birds. This experience is wheelchair accessible, and available year round.

Meet the herd! During your visit stop by the Giraffe Feeding Station to feed these gentle giants, learn more about their plight in the wild, and what you can do to help conserve them! This experience is operational year round, providing temperatures are above 50 degrees. Wheelchair accessibility available.

In the Kids Barn Petting Zone, guests may feed and interact with numerous goats, pigs, cattle, and other barnyard friends! Take a ride on the train, join a keeper for crafts, and enjoy the playground. This area is designed with one thing in mind, FUN!

Visit, feed, and meet some of the world’s largest tortoise species up close and personal! Tortoise Town is home to over 5 tortoise species, some of which reach 500 lbs in size! Learn about tortoise life spans, diet, and conservation status with keepers in this wonderful fun filled experience! Tortoise town is available dependent on weather conditions, but don’t worry, keepers will be more than happy to share some of the park’s other reptile species!

Broadway Zoological Park is happy to provide wagon rides through our barns and pastures, allowing families an up close view of African, Asian, and South American species. Feed a camel, listen to the call of an ostrich, and learn more about the care of ruminants in captivity! Please call ahead for more information and scheduling.

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